Our Values - HSE

Phil Kirk, CEO


The safety of our people underpins all our activities and remains our primary objective."

Chrysaor will conduct its operations in such a way as not to harm people and minimise the impact on the environment. Chrysaor is fully committed to continuously improve its health, safety and environmental performance by the successful implementation of this policy.

Chrysaor commits it will:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legislation and standards;
  • Ensure an  effective  management  organisation is in place and all personnel and contractors are aware of their health, safety and environmental responsibilities;
  • Create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and all other persons who could be affected  by its activities;
  • Identify, evaluate and control the risks and impacts associated with its activities, including where the potential exists for major accident events;
  • Ensure that energy and resource management are an integral part of the business;
  • Promote resource and energy conservation, waste minimisation and pollution prevention;
  • Recognise and respond to employee and community concerns regarding the health, safety and environmental aspect of the company's operations;
  • Ensure all employee and contractors are competent to perform their health, safety and environmental roles; and
  • Achieve continuous improvement of its business processes through the implementation of its Values and Business Principles.

Chrysaor will ensure that the necessary resources are provided to fully support this Policy and will ensure that it is subject to audit and review as part of the Management System goal of continuous improvement in performance.