Corporate Information

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Chrysaor currently comprises twenty-four active companies – two holding companies and twenty-two wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Chrysaor Holdings Limited (also known as “CHL”) is the ultimate holding company of the group and is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The penultimate holding company, Chrysaor E&P Limited, is an intermediate holding company between CHL and its subsidiaries and, as such, has direct access to the assets and cashflows of the Chrysaor group.

Principal Activities

  • Chrysaor Limited – owns Chrysaor interests in: Buzzard (21.7%), Beryl (39.4%), Bressay (18.4%), Elgin-Franklin (14.1%), J-Area (30.5%), Erskine (32.0%) and Schiehallion (10.0%). It also owns the Chrysaor interests in Everest (100%) and Lomond (100%) and is the operator of those assets; 
  • Chrysaor North Sea Limited – owns Chrysaor interests in the Greater Armada cluster (a range of percentage holdings) and is the operator of those fields;
  • Chrysaor E&P Services Limited – the principal procurement and contracting entity of the Chrysaor group; 
  • Chrysaor E&P Finance Limited – the finance vehicle of the Chrysaor group and the borrower under the RBL Facility dated 30 January 2017; 
  • Chrysaor CNS Limited – owns West of Shetland exploration acreage;   
  • Chrysaor Production (U.K.) Limited – owns the majority of Chrysaor interests in Britannia (total Chrysaor holding is 58.65%);
  • Chrysaor (U.K.) Britannia Limited – the Britannia operator;
  • Chrysaor (U.K.) Sigma Limited – owns Chrysaor interests in Clair (7.5%);
  • Chrysaor Petroleum Company U.K. Limited – owns additional Chrysaor interests in J-Area (range of percentage interest holdings);
  • Chrysaor Resources (Irish Sea) Limited – owns Chrysaor interests in the East Irish Sea (100%); and
  • Chrysaor Norge AS – Norwegian entity which owns Chrysaor interests in Grevling (15%).

Professional Bodies

Energy Institute
Oil & Gas UK
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce