Business Principles

Our core values are supported by a set of business principles which define our expectations in all key areas of our business activities. The business principles are: 

Risk Management and Environment

Chrysaor takes a systematic approach to the management of safety, environmental and operational risk. Chrysaor seeks to minimise any negative impact of its business activities and continually looks for ways in which it can further improve.

Integrity and Ethics

The highest standards of integrity are fundamental to the way we conduct business. This ethical approach extends to our behaviour in the workplace. We will ensure full compliance with relevant laws and rules. We will observe high standards of corporate governance and are committed to transparency and fair dealing.


Through being a successful, responsible and profitable company we can create sustainable shared value and prosperity for our stakeholders. We believe that by pursuing business efficiency we can improve competitiveness and performance.


Chrysaor recognises that the delivery of quality work products in all discipline areas is fundamental to its success. The implementation of a systematic means of managing our work processes is critical to achieving business excellence.


Chrysaor recognises the importance of regular two-way communication with its stakeholders and the added value of listening and responding honestly and responsibly without compromising business confidences. Chrysaor encourages its people and stakeholders to immediately report to management any aspect of the Company’s business or operations which does not or may not meet the high standards set out within our core values and business principles.

Chrysaor's Vision:

  Our vision is to create a market-leading, North European E&P company that we and our stakeholders are proud of.