Phil Kirk

"Our Values and Business Principles represent what we stand for, what is important to us, and where we will not compromise in the way we do things as individuals and as a company."

Phil Kirk, founder and Chief Executive

Chrysaor recognises that to be seen as a responsible operator, employer and corporate citizen, HSEQ management must rank equally with value creation.  Chrysaor’s Mission, Values, Business Principles, Business Strategy and its execution plans form the structure which defines and drives the overall business governance objectives and processes of which HSEQ management is a key and active element.

By employing a methodical lifecycle approach to the management of HSEQ risk coupled with the competency of its employees and partners Chrysaor works hard to achieve a harm free workplace, the minimisation of impacts to the natural environment and the prompt management of business non-conformances. 

Chrysaor’s employees and partners in association with our dedicated HSEQ resource are working to deliver an HSEQ performance we can all be proud of!

Chrysaor employees have defined three core values which drive the company culture and the day to day processes which manage our business such that we can make money in a way we can be proud of.