The Chrysaor
Mission Statement:
  • 'Create a leading independent E&P company that  delivers exceptional returns to its stakeholders in a way they can be proud of’
The Chrysaor
  • 'Realise a top quartile valuation at exit on a broad material portfolio of assets by becoming a self – sustaining full cycle E&P business with a first class management team focused on the UKCS’
The Chrysaor
Business Plan:
  • 'In order to maintain focus on the delivery of the company Mission and Strategy a regular review is undertaken and the Business Plan is refocused, agreed and re-implemented'

Chrysaor will conduct its operations in such a way as not to harm people and minimise impact on the environment

Guiding our Business to Success

Chrysaor Management and Employees are proud of the way we do business, treat each other and work with our business partners and stakeholders. We have developed and share a mission, a strategy, a set of core values and business principles which reinforce a positive and supportive company culture.    

We believe that the daily implementation of the company values and business principles are essential in meeting our goals as a business and personally as individuals.

Chrysaor Core Values

Chrysaor Employees share a set of core values that represent what we stand for, what is important to us, and what we will not compromise on. We have summarised our values in the three simple words: PassionateInnovative, Ethical.


Chrysaor employees are optimistic and active people who work hard to achieve their goals. We believe that having the courage to work on our own initiative or stand up for what we know is right is fundamental to achieving success for the company and ourselves. We will not compromise our technical or engineering integrity but firmly believe that a “can do” attitude and fun approach to our work will help us be more successful. By acting like business owners and delegating, but not abrogating responsibility, we believe we can influence our business partners to help grow the business in a way we can all be proud of.

Chrysaor employees are creative in the way in which they address the management of the business. We firmly believe in the importance of facts over opinions and that the best solution is not always the most obvious. Taking the lead to achieve our goals is important but we recognise that success is only possible when people work together in a focused, collegiate and cooperative environment which carefully recognises and manages risk to achieve the optimal result for the business and ourselves.

Chrysaor employees recognise that the way in which they undertake their work, the consequences of their actions and how they represent themselves and their company all have a bearing on how we are perceived. We believe that doing the right thing in a professional but caring, respectful and honest way promotes and delivers a transparent organisation stakeholders can trust. We have nothing to hide and believe that the high levels of peer and family accountability we hold ourselves to will stand any scrutiny.

Chrysaor Business Principles

We believe that the consistent achievement of our company goals and objectives are dependent upon the competency and dedication of our people and the processes they work by. Chrysaor Employees have worked together to develop the following set of Business Principles which define our expectations in all key areas of our business activities and provide guidance for the development of discipline based business management policies and procedures as an element of the Company’s overall governance strategy.        


Chrysaor recognises the importance of regular communication with its stakeholders and the added value of listening and responding honestly and responsibly without compromising business confidences.

Chrysaor encourages Employees and stakeholders to immediately report to management any aspect of the Company’s business or operations which is considered to actually or potentially not meet the high standards set out within our Values and Business Principles.

Chrysaor has implemented a systematic approach to the management of occupational, environmental and community risk. Chrysaor employs these arrangements in all its operations and will do all that is reasonably practicable to minimise risk and adverse effect.

Chrysaor continually looks for ways in which it can further reduce any negative impact of its business activities.  

Chrysaor’s mission is to be a leading independent exploration and production company that delivers exceptional returns to its stakeholders in a way they can be proud of.  Building our company in a responsible fashion whilst considering the wide variety of opinions that our stakeholders may have, will enable us to continue to deliver exceptional returns.  All investment decisions are tested against upside and downside risk scenarios and made against a suite of operational and corporate responsibility priorities to ensure that we not only deliver our business plan, but that we do so in a way that is good for our stakeholders and reduces our impact on the environment.  Only as a successful, responsible and profitable company can we create sustainable shared prosperity.

Chrysaor recognises that the way in which it undertakes its business has a material effect on how the company is perceived by its stakeholders. The following aspects are seen as fundamental in managing our business relationships and personal behaviours:

  • Accountable – Employees willingly accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Honest and Fair – Chrysaor insists on honesty and fairness in all aspects of its business dealings and its interaction with stakeholders. The acceptance of bribes or the provision of facilitation payments in any form is unacceptable.      
  • Trustworthy – Chrysaor Employees shall be seen as trustworthy, good to their word and reliable in their dealings with each other and our stakeholders.   
  • Respectful – Chrysaor Employees are thoughtful, respect the opinions of others, and the customs, cultural diversity and regulatory requirements of the locations in which we do business.       
  • Professional and Competent – Chrysaor supports its Employees’ ability to undertake their work effectively through clear management, supervision and ongoing professional development in their areas of expertise. 

Chrysaor recognises that the delivery of quality work products in all discipline areas is fundamental to its success and therefore the implementation of a systematic means of managing our work processes is critical to achieving business excellence.

The implementation of cohesive business management processes based on the values and business principles of the company, best practice international standards and the regulatory requirements of the host nation state, ensure that Chrysaor consistently delivers a work product which meets the needs of its stakeholders and which they and its Employees can be justifiably proud of.  

Chrysaor believes that rigorous and honest assessment of all available and relevant subsurface data lies at the heart of a successful exploration and production business. We strive at all times to present accurate and unbiased predictions that include realistic and appropriate assessments of all subsurface opportunities, risks and uncertainties. The approach is driven by science rather than convention and embraces technological advances wherever there is a clear technical and commercial justification for doing so.

To achieve the high level of professionalism expected of its geoscientists and petroleum engineers, Chrysaor supports continuous learning and the pursuit of technical excellence by all its employees.

Chrysaor’s operational and engineering functions recognise and embrace their key role in successfully delivering Chrysaor’s Mission through developing, operating and maintaining our oil and gas fields in a safe, environmentally responsible and quality assured manner. We care passionately about people, our assets and our responsibilities to our stakeholders. 

We will deliver cost-effective solutions to our engineering and operational challenges by deploying and respecting the best available technical knowledge and practices. Innovative approaches and technologies will be readily explored and adopted where these can add value or reduce risk.  We regard compliance with our statutory obligations as a minimum standard of performance. We utilise relevant experience and knowledge, are rigorous in all engineering disciplines, diligently establish the facts and apply sound Engineering Judgement to the determination and delivery of solutions.