Chrysaor's Strategy

Chrysaor’s founding strategy was to acquire oil and gas discoveries located in the North Sea and surrounding areas where significant technical and timing risk is perceived to remain embedded in the asset.

It could then apply its development and commercial skills to de-risk and move the assets further up the value chain and thereby add material value. Progress on Chrysaor's current core assets exemplify the execution of that strategy. Key to this achievement has been the retention of a strong in-house technical focus and expertise and maintaining control over its assets by way of Operatorship (unless alignment is absolutely clear) and high working interests. To date this has been achieved and costs controlled by utilising a small, dedicated and appropriately incentivised team with deep experience in the oil and gas sector.

Our medium term Business Plan is to:
  • Be recognised for our production and development operator capability
  • Crystallise Solan area prospectivity
  • Acquire UK production assets to leverage further operated UK development assets
  • Build a UK development asset pipeline of projects through acquisitions and exploration
  • Build UK exploration portfolio through applications and acquisitions
  • Acquire low entry cost high impact exploration in new core areas