• Chrysaor Equity:

    67% (operator)
  • Location:

    UK Central North Sea
  • Blocks:

    30/6 & 30/7

Jasmine is a gas condensate field located in Blocks 30/6 and 30/7 of the UK Central North Sea approximately 255 kilometres south east of Aberdeen.

It is part of the J-Block first round licence awarded in 1964 and it is the fourth development in the J-Area after Judy, Joanne and Jade. The development consisting of a 24-slot wellhead platform (JWHP) with bridge-linked accommodation, came onstream in 2013. The JWHP is tied back to the Judy platform to the east via an 8-kilometre pipeline and a riser platform at Judy. After being processed on Judy, gas is transported through the CATS Pipeline and oil/liquids are transported through the Norpipe system to Teesside.