Jade is a high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) development composed of pre-Cretaceous reservoirs. It consists of a normally unmanned installation (NUI) tied back, via a subsea pipeline, to the Judy Host Facility from which all operations are controlled. Hydrocarbons were first discovered in 1995 and extensive geological, geophysical and reservoir work has taken place to determine the full extent of reserves in the field. Production is carried back to the Judy platform for processing and onward to Teesside.

Jade Map

Key Facts

Block 30/2c
Sector U.K. Central North Sea
Approx Distance to Land 130 nautical miles SE of Aberdeen
Water Depth 79 metres (259 feet)
Hydrocarbons Produced Gas & oil/condensate
Export Method Gas - goes to Teesside via the CATS pipeline. Liquids – go to Teesside (Seal Sands) via the Norpipe system.
Manned/Unmanned Unmanned
Operated/Non-Operated Operated
% of Chrysaor Equity 67.5%
First Production February 2002
Accommodation on Board 12-persons (on a temporary basis)
Key Commercial Terms None


Description: Jade Facility (HP/HT wells) – The Jade facility is a NUI which is 17 kilometres north of the Judy Host Facility. Connected to Judy via a subsea pipeline. Potential tie-in at Jade topsides or pipeline. All processing of Jade hydrocarbons takes place on the Judy facility. All operations are controlled from Judy.

Entry Specification:

The entry specification for any future third party production is dependent upon the point at which such production would enter the Jade facilities and the composition of production already being processed at that time. The entry specification will cover areas that affect onward processing and transportation as well as those which impact the Jade and Judy facilities e.g. slugging limitations and contaminants.

Exit  Specification:

Need to meet the Jade/Judy TPA Delivery Specifications.

For liquid and gas exit specifications ex processing on Judy see Judy ICOP information.


The basic capacity information is portrayed by colour coded 'traffic lights' that reflect thresholds of availability over the next 5 years

Available Capacities

5% to 25% 
Jade Platform firm processing capacity available Ullage as % of system capacity Comment
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Jade HP separator processing capacity (gas)1  
Jade HP separator processing capacity (liquids)1  
Gas compression capacity2            
Gas treatment capacity2            
Gas lift capacity2            
Dehydration capacity2            
H2S removal capacity2            
Water processing capacity1            

(1) At 30 bar. Jade HP Separator is located on Judy. Capacity was reduced when separator went down to 15.5 bar in Q2 2017.

(2) Refer to Judy datasheet for treatment capacity as all Jade gas is treated on Judy platform.

Last Update: July 2019

Contact Information

Mike Wade

T: 44 (0) 1224 205937