• Chrysaor Equity:

    83.5% (operator)
  • Location:

    UK Central North Sea
  • Block:

    15/29b & 21/4aN

The Callanish field is located in Blocks 15/29b and 21/4aN of the UK Central North Sea approximately 25-kilometres from Britannia.

It was developed as a subsea tie-back to the Britannia bridge-linked platform (BLP). It comprises two accumulations; a main field, area, which was discovered in 1999 and an Outlier to the west separated by a structural saddle. Callanish is controlled remotely from the Britannia platform. Callanish fluids are partially separated on the BLP before being transferred via the bridge to the Britannia platform where gas is co-mingled and exported via the Scottish Area Gas Evacuation (SAGE) facilities at St Fergus. Liquids are also co-mingled and exported via the Forties pipeline system to the Kerse of Kinneil terminal near Grangemouth.