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North Everest

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North Everest is a combined wellhead/production/quarters platform, producing gas and condensate from the North Everest field. The installation also processes gas and condensate from the South Everest subsea wellheads, located some 7.1km south of the North Everest production platform and Everest East Expansion (EEE) wells, located approximately 6.8km North East of the installation.

Key Facts

Block 22/10a-A North Everest
Sector U.K. Central North Sea
Approx distance to land 145 nautical miles
Water Depth 90 metres (295ft) 
Hydrocarbons  Produced Gas and Condensate
Export Method All of the pipelines and risers are on the CATS Riser platform, remote from the manned North Everest platform.

Condensate is exported to Forties by infield pipeline (and onwards to Cruden Bay), and the gas is exported to the CATS Terminal at Teesside by the CATS Pipeline.
Manned / Unmanned Manned
Operated / Non-Operated Operated
% of Chrysaor Equity 100%
First Production June 2005
Accommodation On Board 80
Key Commercial Terms None


Entry Specification: Produced fluids must be commercially free of odours, materials, sand and solids/fluids that might interfere or cause injury to the proper operation of the Everest platform facilities; which for the avoidance of doubt shall include any material that would affect the merchantable value of Everest products.
Exit  Specification: To meet the required specifications of the Central Area Transmission System (CATS) for export gas and the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) for export condensate.
Outline details of Primary
separation processing  facilities:
Initial stage separation for the Everest process is through a two-phase vertical HP Separator.
Outline details of gas treatment facilities: The Everest gas processing facilities comprise two parallel compression trains from the gas outlet of the HP Separator. Each compression train consists of booster compression followed by TEG dehydration and export compression.


The basic capacity information is portrayed by colour coded 'traffic lights' that reflect thresholds of availability over the next 5 years

Available Capacities

5% to 25% 
North Everest Platform firm processing capacity  available Ullage as % of system capacity Comment
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Oil export capacity 10,000 bbl/day (oil processing and export)
Gas compression capacity 135 mmscfd (at 22 barg suction); less at lower suction pressures
Gas export capacity Governed by compression
Gas lift capacity           None
Produced water handling capacity 5,000 bbl/day
Dehydration capacity Governed by compression
H2S removal capacity           None
Water injection capacity           None


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Last Update: January 2020

Contact Information

Gary Hughes

Commercial Manager

T: 44 (0)1224 086159   
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