Armada Hub Subsea Developments

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Armada Hub installation consists of Drake, Hawkins and Fleming gas/condensate fields, with SW & NW Seymour and Maria fields in the UK Sector, Rev and Gaupe fields (3rd Party fields operated by Repsol Norge AS and AS Norske Shell) in the Norwegian Sector, all of which are tied back to Armada.

Key Facts

Block 22/5b Armada
Sector U.K. Central North Sea
Approx distance to land 132 nautical miles East of Aberdeen
Water Depth 89 metres (292ft)
Hydrocarbons  Produced Gas Condensate and Gas
Export Method Armada gas is exported via the CATS pipeline to Teesside, while the produced liquids go via the Forties Pipeline System to the Kinneil processing plant at Grangemouth
Manned / Unmanned Manned
Operated / Non-Operated Operated
% of Chrysaor Equity 100%
First Production October 1997
Accommodation On Board 62
Key Commercial Terms None


Entry Specification: Produced fluids must be commercially free of odours, materials, sand and solids/fluids that might interfere or cause injury to the proper operation of the Armada platform facilities; which for the avoidance of doubt shall include any material that would affect the merchantable value of Armada products.
Exit  Specification: To meet the required specifications of the Central Area Transmission System (CATS) for export gas and the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) for export condensate.
Outline details of Primary separation
processing  facilities:
"The Armada platform has a single gas processing train and a single condensate processing train for the Armada topsides well fluids and the Rev, Gaupe, Northwest Seymour and Maria subsea well fluids. Initial stage separation for the Armada topside well fluids is through a three-phase vertical separator. Initial stage separation for the Rev subsea well fluids is through a three-phase horizontal separator. Initial stage separation for the Gaupe, Northwest Seymour and Maria comingled subsea well fluids and Seymour Horst topsides well fluids is through a three-phase horizontal separator.
Outline details of gas treatment facilities: The Armada gas processing facilities comprise of a single gas compression train from the gas outlet of the three inlet separators. The gas compression train consists of booster compression followed by TEG dehydration and export compression.


The basic capacity information is portrayed by colour coded 'traffic lights' that reflect thresholds of availability over the next 5 years

Available Capacities

5% to 25% 
Armada Platform firm processing capacity available Ullage as % of system capacity Comment
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Oil export capacity 24,000 bbl/day (based on Condensate Export Pumps)
Gas compression capacity 120 mmscfd (at 11 barg plant front end pressure)
Gas export capacity Governed by compression
Gas lift capacity           None
Produced water handling capacity 10,000 bbl/day
Dehydration capacity 330 mmscfd (at 11 barg plant front end pressure)
H2S removal capacity           None
Water injection capacity           None


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Last Update: January 2020

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