Corporate Structure
Corporate Structure Diagram

Chrysaor currently comprises seven companies – two holding companies and five wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Chrysaor Holdings Limited (also known as “CHL”) is the ultimate holding company of the group and is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The other Chrysaor companies are all UK-incorporated and all seven of the companies (including CHL) are managed from the UK and are UK tax resident.

The penultimate holding company, Chrysaor E&P Limited, is an intermediate holding company between CHL and its subsidiaries and, as such, has direct access to the assets and cashflows of the Chrysaor group.

Chrysaor E&P Finance Limited, Chrysaor CNS Limited, Chrysaor E&P Services Limited, Chrysaor Limited and Chrysaor North Sea Limited are each wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chrysaor E&P Limited. 

Principal E&P Activities

  • Chrysaor Limited – owns the Chrysaor interests in: Buzzard (21.7%), Beryl (39.4%), Bressay (18.4%), J-Area (30.5%), Erskine (32.0%) and Schiehallion (10.0%). It also owns the Chrysaor interests in Everest (98.1%) and Lomond (100%) and is the operator of those assets;
  • Chrysaor North Sea Limited – owns the Chrysaor interests in the Greater Armada cluster (a range of percentage holdings) and is the operator of those fields. It also owns the remaining Chrysaor interests in Everest and Elgin-Franklin (14.1%);
  • Chrysaor E&P Services Limited – the principal procurement and contracting entity of the Chrysaor group;
  • Chrysaor E&P Finance Limited – the finance vehicle of the Chrysaor group and the borrower under the RBL Facility dated 30 January 2017;
  • Chrysaor CNS Limited – the owner of certain other West of Shetland exploration acreage.

Tax Strategy 2017