Emily Eadington

Emily Eadington

Operations Manager, Armada, Everest and Lomond

Yorkshire-lass Emily was obsessed with Lego and building things out of cardboard boxes in her childhood. So, a career choice of engineering seemed natural for her.

Today, she is responsible for the operation of three of Chrysaor’s production platforms where she enjoys the technical problem-solving aspect that comes with 20+ year-old assets. ‘Nothing is simple, so when things go well, it’s a great sense of achievement,’ she explains.

A big part of her job is managing people – keeping everyone safe so they can keep the process equipment up and running to get the oil and gas back to shore. She firmly believes that safety should be something integral to everything we do and ‘if everyone thinks about safety, then no-one should have to worry about it.’

While her role is a busy one, she tells us she simply ‘wings it’ most of the time. Something we find hard to believe. Setting goals and objectives may not be one of her fortes, but in her job, it’s all about deliverables and results that really do matter. With a team offshore and onshore doing ‘all the tricky engineering, mind-boggling logistics and the hands-on-tools jobs, they make it all happen and I just try to keep everyone happy,’ she says.

Not one to follow the crowd, Emily admits that she has ‘quite a thing’ for fancy dress. This became apparent during lockdown when she introduced ‘Fancy Dress Fridays’ to her team, to make the most of the ability to add any background at all to video calls and to provide some fun into the working from home monotony.

Wherever possible, she adopts the ‘let’s see what happens tomorrow, next week or next month’ attitude rather than having a list of specific goals to achieve, then whatever life delivers she can’t possibly fail.